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Why Bee You Schools?

Luke went through a tough time at school. At the age of 8, his parents separated, Luke got bullied and his mum was in a serious car accident. So Luke understands from experience how hard it can be for our young people. Bee You Schools is all about giving children the strategies they need as early as possible, eliminating the need for adult intervention.

It's not until I was broken down physically I realised my full potential.

Adam Hodgson Adam Hodgson LTD

How Luke Can Work With Your School

Fun & Interactive Workshops/Talks | In-Person or Online

Being a young person is tough. Now more than ever, our young people need thriving strategies to help them in all areas of their life. Primary school children can use our Bee You Journal to help them articulate their thoughts and feelings, develop emotional wellbeing and their communication skills. The key to a brighter future lies in developing our young people with these strategies as early as possible.

  1. Become the best version of YOU
  2. Develop resilience
  3. Become a better communicator
  4. Reach your goals

What you'll gain from the experience with Luke

Every event is different, and everyone takes away something entirely new. For most people they go away with a feeling of wanting to drive themselves forward, whether it's confidence, anxiety or many of the side effects of a modern world, you'll have the building blocks to move forward and the mindset to help achieve that.

Online Trainings.

As an expert in leadership, Luke helps audiences find the enthusiasm to succeed in any professional setting.

Audience Q&A

There’s nothing more personal than questions from the audience to provide a tailored experience in every event.


As an expert in leadership, Luke helps audiences find the enthusiasm to succeed in any professional setting.


Luke has courses to help the individual, is there something you're struggling with? Maybe you need a tailored plan from Luke to help push you to that next level.

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