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Luke believes that personal transformation comes from shifting focus by asking better questions.
When Luke hit a real tough patch in his own life, he was searching for answers, but he soon realised he asking the wrong questions. It’s only when Luke decided to shift focus and ask better questions that he saw a transformation in his own life – and in turn, the lives of thousands of people.


The Bee You Journal is a two in one journal which provides you with the tools, techniques and strategies that you can use to swim and not sink.

From daily goal setting, appreciations, areas to offload to areas to find clarity, this two in one journal has it all.

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Who Is Luke?

Luke Ambler is a former professional rugby player, dad, story teller, founder of ANDYSMANCLUB, 3 x Ironman, entrepreneur, award-winning mental health campaigner, and motivational speaker.

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Serious about being the best version of yourself? Whether you're a business, a school or someone who wants to find a like-minded community, you're sure to find something for you.


Debunking common mental health myths with real talk. Whether you're a business, college or looking for a conference speaker, Luke doesn't shy away from challenging people in a positive way.

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Be part of an online community. Like-minded people who are supporting each other on their journey with positive accountability led by Luke Ambler.

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Never fear public speaking again. Increase your confidence and competence in communication whether you're speaking to 10 or 10,000 people.

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WARNING: May cause primary to secondary school kids to be better communicators, develop resiliency and learn thriving strategies for life and school.

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