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Real Talk

Luke has debunked many common mental health myths and hasn't been afraid to go places where others daren't go. Luke has helped thousands of people across the world to be the best version of themselves through thriving strategies, changing people's self language and empowering them to change. Luke's real-talk style has seen him deliver talks to PLC businesses, colleges, conferences and TEDTalks.

Luke was so impactful. I can't wait for his next event!

Jane Row Amaze Group

What To Expect

Luke's style is to be genuine and real. Positively challenging people in the right way to make change.

Coping strategies are ok, but thriving strategies are better. Luke is passionate about helping people not only to cope but to thrive. Luke doesn't tell people what they want to hear, he tells people what they need to hear. Change is difficult, but if you ask the right questions you'll get to the right answers.

  1. Real talk
  2. Thriving strategies
  3. Empowering
  4. Long-lasting change

What you'll gain from the experience

Every event is different, and everyone takes away something entirely new. For most people they go away with a feeling of wanting to drive themselves forward, whether it's confidence, anxiety or many of the side effects of a modern world, you'll have the building blocks to move forward and the mindset to help achieve that.


Luke brings an infectious energy and humour that gives the audience and groups he works with the enthusiasm to want to learn and grown.

Audience Q&A

There’s nothing more personal than questions from the audience to provide a tailored experience in every event.

Online Talks

All Lukes in person talks can also be done online for your people who are remotely working, that way no was ever has to miss out.


Luke has group workshops but with the the aim to help the individuals, is there something your people are struggling with? Maybe you need a tailored plan from Luke.

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