Talks and Workshops

Luke’s style of workshops is truly unique, much of our feedback highlights that how Luke delivers his workshops and talks have captured the audience’s attention and really embedded his message and techniques provided to help manage mental health and wellbeing. In the workshops Luke focusses on areas such as personal development, reasoned motivation, coping techniques and strategies and many more.


Debunking common mental health myths with real talk. Whether you're a business, college or looking for a conference speaker, Luke doesn't shy away from challenging people in a positive way.

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Be part of an online community. Like-minded people who are supporting each other on their journey with positive accountability led by Luke Ambler.

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Never fear public speaking again. Increase your confidence and competence in communication whether you're speaking to 10 or 10,000 people.

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WARNING: May cause primary to secondary school kids to be better communicators, develop resiliency and learn thriving strategies for life and school.

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