Life is as simple as we make it. Why do we insist on complicating it?

By Stephen Ambler Lifestyle No Comments on Life is as simple as we make it. Why do we insist on complicating it?

Make Life simple.

I think we all are guilty over complicating things, making mountains out of mole hills. How does this benefit us in anyway? It doesn’t and never has and never will. Negative energy is infectious and grows at a much faster rate than positive energy when you feed it.

Why does it grow faster? It does so because must people are programmed to speaking negatively about most events that’s happened and are happening and therefore your energy gets way more support to grow.

Having found myself now being drawn away from these people and conversations. That doesn’t include someone whose struggling something. There’s a big difference with struggling with something and moaning about something.

Radiotars and Drains.

Now I attempt to bring the radiator out of people now, radiators are the energy givers. We all have elements of both radiator moods and drain moods. Drains are the energy takers. You can prevent a drain from effecting your mood by making to conversation as positive as possible.

Having grown a business for over 5/6 years, at the same time I was playing pro rugby and then also my brother in law died by suicide and I started ANDYSMANCLUB charity. My life got real busy real quick because I also had the most important thing to me; my family.

Beliefs and Values

.My business beliefs and values are the same ones I instilled when setting up ANDYSMANCLUB; keep it simple and keep it real.

I put all success down on all my business interests and that of ANDYSMANCLUB down to these values and beliefs. I was preaching the values and beliefs and I was using them to make success of things and help people. I forgot in the process to keep it simple for me though. I kept it real, but not always simple.

Strip it back.

Last few months I’ve stripped it back, business and ANDYSMANCLUB are going as well as ever, but my focus has now been what really matters; my family. Doing the simple things well, quality over quantity.

I am going to Kilimanjaro soon and to train I decided to Scafell Pike as you can see in the picture above with my little boy Alfie. It was amazing. We chatted, we laughed, there was pain, it was all a mixture of emotions but it was simple. No access to internet or phones properly. It was some humans and a dog in the out doors. It doesn’t get more simple. Yet it was everything. Everything the mind and body needs.

It was amazing to just reset. It reminded me of a time I brought the family and holiday to the beautiful Cape Verde islands. We are regulars there and the kids love it as lots to do at the hotel. One day we ventured to the beach and we just played tig, the kids loved it and we loved it. It was so simple yet our best day!

Back to Basics.

Why do we think we have to always have a plan and always have to over complicate things?

It adds no value to you or those who matter most to you.

Simplify it for a week or even a couple days. Get back to basics. Learn to unwind and focus in on what’s really important to you and ask yourself am I giving effort to those who and that what matters most to me?

Harsh but true.

All those reading this, will be dead within 100 years from now. Harsh? No reality. With that in mind make sure you live a life that is right for you because most of the shit that bothers you now won’t even stress you out next year never mind at the end of your life, so with that in mind….

Ask yourself; how can I move on from this, or how can I view it so I can move on.

Simplify the whole game of life.

You owe it to you.

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