Never give up.

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Never give up on your dreams and goals.

I believe everyone should have dreams and goals.

I’ve had my fair amount of shit shall we say. I was Bullied pretty much most my school life. I have a mother with real bad mental health problems since I was 10 after a life threatening car crash. Had breakdowns, had the doctor sit and tell me to say good bye to partner who was 6th month pregnant as she was critical. Watched my family be crushed by the suicide of my brother in law Andy. I had to tell everyone the news and watch it crush and destroy everyone.

In life, everyone has had and has their own problems. If only this big kid, you see in the picture, would knew then how it was going to turn out…..

Silence the doubters.

People have been knocking me my whole life. Had it at School, then as a rugby player, as a business man and in my charity work and that’s how it will always be. But, let me tell you nothing and I mean nothing will ever stop me! I’ve experienced pain, real pain and I use it as fuel everyday in life, business and charity.

One thing I can always guarantee is that I get shit done because I’m out there doing it, not talking about it. All areas. My business is growing at a healthy rate and life is good. Yeah I am making sacrifices, but my family are living a good life. The properties we own, the businesses we have and everything else comes from nothing but hard work, honesty, grit, determination and desire. I am fortunate to have the best business and life partner I could ask for in Lisa. We will never give up on our dreams.

Lessons in death.

If death has taught us anything, one thing, I would say it is to appreciate life. You have to appreciate every second you get.

A great attitude to develop is the lion attitude. Lions be doing what lions do. Hunting. Not worrying about the opinion of sheep.

To those out there battling life’s challenges just Keep fighting guys.

You’ve got this.

Trust me!

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