Why did my past lead me to creating a journal?

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Why do I believe in using a journal?

I am not probably your stereotypical person to promote using a journal. I am a former professional rugby player, dad, an entrepreneur, mental health campaigner, chairman of a charity and motivational speaker. Many hats to my very busy life but journalling is the one thing that allows me to keep in check, grounded and make sure my head is in the best shape possible.

It starts in the past

This weekend I celebrate the launch of my own journal now, the two in one BEE YOU and WHATS NEXT? journal. Why have I done this and whats this deeper reasons behind it?

It starts with My What’s Next? theory providing a key steer throughout. That question; ‘What’s Next?’, has been so important to me and my life. It changed my life around 6 years ago. It has gotten me through some very tough times. I found myself sat in a police cell feeling sorry for myself after I’d been involved in a fight and my life was at the lowest I had ever been. I’d been let go from my contract at Leeds Rhinos, my partner had finished with me and I started drinking excessively. I’d lost my dream job and my dream girl and I was 22. I felt angry and hopeless. In the whole process I was asking my self one question.. Why me? this just led to further misery.

Questions are the answers

I realised if I wanted different answers, then I need a different question. So I started to make myself think ‘What’s Next?’ – what can I do to affect change and turn this situation around?” Within months, I had turned my life around, rekindled with my partner and got my rugby career back on track.

Positive choices

This then let me to starting a speaking business talking about this and all of my other life’s hardships. I found his theory really helped people and worked for overcoming setbacks. Everything started from there. Thinking positively, acting more positively, making positive choices in my life. And I soon realised I wanted to help other people do that. I began telling my ‘What’s Next?’ story across the country and now I do it internationally. This is also what I teach in my Success School. This same theory is how I began campaign #ITSOKAYTOTALK and Andy’s Man Club after the death by suicide of my brother-in-law, Andy Roberts. The same theory I used to quit rugby and focus on my speaking business.

The Journal

The journal is split into two sections; What’s Next? and Bee You the other. The Bee You section is around goal setting, appreciations/gratitude, affirmations, self reflection and developing a pro active mindset. I hope these very tools I use myself will help you to have the same positive impacts as I have had.

To learn more about my new journal head here to my bee you journal page. It will explain in more detail and you can even grab one!

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  • Sharon Johnson says:

    Hey there Luke!!
    Look at you go and have now taken that time to start working on yourself. Andy’s Man Club was the first time I found you and why I’m now following you here. I admire the way you managed to do all of those amazing things throughout the past 2/3 years. It’s you that gave me the revelation and light bulb moment of clarity. It was staring me in the face this whole time. The past 1020 days I’ve almost lived in their rather than be inside the house. The extremely messy and unorganised house I should have not have let get so bad but managed to walk past it a hundred times a day regardless.
    The things that would have made me get so worked up about now don’t even raise a eyebrow or stress me out anymore. The small stuff it’s what it may be called. The things that don’t really matter and shouldn’t be the cause of not living in the moment. I now take each day and sometimes each hour as it arrives – in the moment and appreciate all the other things that are meaningful and so worthwhile. The gratitude I now feel when nothing goes as I planned and then people that suddenly walk into my life/appear via good old Facebook are continually blowing my mind..
    So have I scratch your curiosity yet?!
    I’m hoping I may have!!
    I would dearly love to connect with you a little bit better and be able to tell you my story – without you thinking I might just be a bit crazy lol
    You see… Iam a widow and lost so unexpectedly my irreplaceable best friend, husband and father to both our daughters. The last person anyone could have imagined capable or even had underlying problems that took him to this place of hopelessness and deep despair. Even I didn’t have any clue he was struggling that much – this was something I had assumed I knew about him and I. I always thought I could read his mind and felt his emotions.
    My biggest mistake and one I’ve learned so much from ever since. It made me question everything I though I knew and believed to be true. It was responsible for making me feel so guilty and blamed myself (still sometimes happens) for. Impossible not to feel that way when I was presumably in control of my world. Boy – was I wrong about that one!!!!

    Sincerely & wishing to talk further…
    Sharon ❤️
    Widow and now Life Preserver ⚔️
    also known as Mrs Anthony Johnson –
    Badass & Fearless Warrior in the safety of workers mental health – especially within the FIFO Industry & associated Trades. SUICIDE Awareness has been my focus and in particular with MEN.

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